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In an era of constant digital innovation and advancing technology, every real estate brokerage needs a reliable tech stack. There are an expensive number of real estate tools available on the market, all serving important forex back-office software solutions roles. This includes platforms for CRMs, marketing, sales, transaction management, and much more. With so many options, it can be a challenge to find trustworthy and effective solutions that add value to your business.

brokerage back office

In this glossary, we will go through everything that you need to know about what Back Office means and what kind of responsibilities it entails. Regardless of your company’s commission structure, we can handle it with ease. DOWNLOADABLES Get free educational resources and become a genius.

How Much Time Do Experts Suggest Working On Your Business vs. In Your Business?

You have the flexibility to hire a team member either for 20 hours or 40 hours per week. This cannot be overstated and is perhaps the most useful and important step when evaluating potential technology partners, especially back-office accounting systems. Checklists, notifications, forms, eSignature, and more—real estate’s most intuitive and powerful transaction management. While frequently unseen, the back office performs critical duties stemming from front desk activities. The front office is responsible for attracting new clients and servicing existing clients; in short, they’re the client-facing team.

  • The overall cost of operations also goes down significantly.
  • For example, a manufacturing equipment salesperson may enlist the help of back-office staff to provide accurate information on inventory and pricing structures.
  • WealthTech startups significantly shorten their route to market and save investors money by leveraging ETNA’s Back Office technology.
  • Outsourcing Back Office responsibilities also allow companies to save money on rent and utilities that an in-house team would require.
  • For example, regulatory compliance and accounts are meticulous tasks that have widespread ramifications on every operational unit.
  • Set up your agent billings and process their credit cards within the system or automatically track and deduct their fees from a transaction.

Our operations team is structured to offer dedicated account managers and support agents to every client, meaning you speak with the same people every time you call. Your customers will also receive the same level of service with single points of contact with our accounts receivable agents making payments and invoicing a breeze. MoxiWorks is a brokerage suite of tools exclusively designed for large brokerages of 150+ agents. Their main backend product is MoxiEngage, a CRM for the brokerage. They have a full suite of tools that includes intranet, a CMA listing presentation, marketing tools, and agent retention and recruitment.

Why Choose FinancialBAY?

Great value to my business and will highly recommend broker back office to any broker firm trying to take there business to the next level. I’ve been using Brokers BackOffice for about 12 months now and cannot thank enough the entire team for making loan processing and file lodgement a seamless process for us. Brokers’ BackOffice’s technical knowledge, flexibility, and responsiveness have all surpassed my expectations. I love their work and recommend anyone wishing to outsource their loan processing services.

brokerage back office

OTR Solutions created BOLT Instant Payment to get funds to you right away, even after normal business hours. Best of all, BOLT Instant Payment is cheaper than ACH or wire options. There is a setup fee depending on the size of your brokerage. While the Back Office does not generate revenue directly, it enables the front and middle offices to do so.


The back office, on the other hand, exists to service the transactions conducted by the front office and has no interaction with the firm’s clients. However, it could be said that the back office’s client is the front office. In one system, track and manage all of your accounts payable and receivable, and financial reporting. OTR Solutions has maintained an industry leading client satisfaction rating for years.

Straight Through Processing is a development concept whose focus is upon the automation and streamlining of the entire brokerage process. The goal of STP is to minimize operational costs, ensure that STO assets are not at risk and reduce processing time. Back-office responsibilities include settlements, approvals, record keeping, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services. Your agents are using technology to grow their business, you need to as well. Be the type of brokerage they’d want to work for—a brokerage utilizing the latest in technology and giving its agents every advantage to help them succeed. Set up your agent billings and process their credit cards within the system or automatically track and deduct their fees from a transaction.

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Adjust margins in real time for accurate and agile decision making via broker back office. Real-time calculations and effective notifications system enables broker-dealers to discover potential client trading issues instantly. Broker Back Office comes with OMS and Trading API and takes care of a full trade lifecycle. Broker ETNA Broker Back Office software automates many back office operations for a broker-dealer or a digital wealth management firm while providing real-time control and monitoring.

When you partner with OTR Solutions for factoring, fuel card services, or ELEVATE you are instantly connected with a dedicated team who are responsible for managing every aspect of our services. Even though Back Office staff do not contact clients, they work closely with front and middle office employees. An organization’s ability to function at its full potential would be impossible without the Back Office. I hope this glossary will help you better understand what Back Office means.

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Reporting + Analytics Stay alert of your Brokerage’s performance with real-time reports. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.

STP / Securities Back Office

Denim does not have a banking relationship with SVB, we have full access to our operating capital, and we are processing daily payments. Back office operations and STP both require the integration of back office operations, internal and external data within a common data platform. Back Office is a minimum of $100/mo for all configurations.

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